I hope you’re still checking on this. I left tumblr for awhile, just.. for my own sanity, but yes! I didn’t know anything about him and my mom made fun of me for taking his picture but he is still around. It’s so sweet that you wonder. If I see him again, I’ll be sure to let you know somehow!!! I have a new blog now, the url is youth-and-ignorance. If you’re reading this, message me there!

Davy Jones

His mind was a ship set sail upon the 7 seas
Her eyes were the wind that pushed him across the waves.
With no warning at all, she took him under
But davy jones could not lay clame to his heart
Because it was already soaring with her
In the sky.

Her eyes, they need to wonder
To sit in the grass and absord the essence of creation
For what better place to create than at the door of rebirth.
Her mind should see
With nature and the journey
And with this, understand that the spirit of all things is as incomprehensible as the depth of the ocean.
And here at the base of an old oak
Bury her toes in the dirt
And feel life press against her from all sides
And she is creation
She is birth and death
She channels the soul of the world through her veins
Her blood is a crystaline river
Her torso is a tree trunk
Hair becomes foliage
And thus the tree of life was born from nothing.

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Iā€™m going into the city for school soon so I thought may as well!

Anyone who re-blogs this by the 31st of June will have their url written on a piece of paper and put in Hosier lane (basically a lane full of graffiti/street art) in the Melbourne city.

I promise every single one of you :D

My mom got me a hookah pen today in Manitou šŸ˜ŠāœŒ
It’s melon flavored!